Friday, February 15, 2008

In a slump.

I have been in a creative slump.

I have an art piece to do for a friend (her birthday is today and I was putting something together from a group of friends).

Canvas 1:
I started with a tissue paper decoupage to the canvas and added polymer (I pasted a hydrangea photo copy to the tissue/canvas and then outlined that with polymer). I put it in the oven to cure and it burnt the glue!

Take 2:
I painted over the polymer and I added more tissue paper to it to cover the dark areas...let's just say I want to literally Burn it!

Canvas 2:

I bought some gel medium to do a really cool effect to the same piece. Have another idea, will it work?!?

*Cool effect~> take a photo copy of a picture (I advise to spray clear coat it, so the ink does not run), brush on a semi thick layer of the gel to the this 3 or 4 times going in different directions. After this is really dry (say wait a day to be sure), wet the back of the picture and start rubbing the paper off (the picture is now connected to the gel), lay it flat to dry. After this you can paste it to canvas, wood, whatever (looks like watercolor) VERY NEAT!

Anyway, I went thru this whole process and figured I would stick it to the window to dry faster. Do Not do this....the sun burned parts of the picture and I had to start all over!!!
That is 2 canvases down, not wasted....I can figure out something to do to the down the road.

Canvas 3:

I got a new canvas and did the same process minus rubbing the paper off, I also ripped the edges and pasted to the canvas. I took the picture and added to it - where the picture ended I drew/painted in. I still need to add a touch of yellow to the grass, but all in all I am most happy with this piece over the other 2 that flopped.

I wanted to make this friend and art piece, something she wouldn't mind hanging on a wall for all to see and not stash it away in the back of a closet.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I want...

This is off topic, but...

With all the c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t snow...

I want the warmth of the sun on my face.

I want sand that is so HOT that when you walk across it barefoot it burns and you skip and hop across til you find the Perfect spot for your blanket and cooler.

I want to run to the water to cool myself down.

I want to feel the little fish nip at your toes.

I want to see sea life, fish, crabs, dolphins, stingrays, sharks?

I want to walk the beach looking for seashells with my kids and husband.

I want to watch my kids play in the sand.

I want to smell the salt in the air.

I want my hair to have the icky ness it gets after swimming in the saltwater of the Gulf.

I want to watch a sunset.

I want to take a moonlit walk along the beach with my husband.

I want to come home and 3 wks later Still find sand in things you have already washed several times over.