Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Know It Is Spam, but -

I haven't been looking forward to October.
I used to love it (I am working on loving it again), but...

In a few weeks, it will be 2 years since ma's passing.
She came to me a few times since her passing,
but it's been a while since her last 'visit'.

I open my email this morning-

The address was *HER NAME*.
The letter itself -
'I hope you are ready to begin your new life,
(had a link I did not open)
Talk to you soon'.

Yes, I know it is SPAM, but...
I see it as a lil 'hello' from her,
being that her anniversary is just a few weeks away.

***I mentioned this to hubs and he too thought the timing and wording was weird,
he agreed to the 'hello'***

Always Have
Always Will

Just to be sure - I checked her email.
She had no New, Old, or Sent mail.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moment of Silence

I've lost 2 pieces of Pyrex today...
within hrs of each other.
1, a small red fridgee fell out of the cabinet and shattered
(I accidentally bumped it and it fell out)
and the 2nd, my favorite turquoise loaf pan -
pulled out of the oven and set on pot holder (nothing cold)
and I hear a heart breaking
Not just those 2 chips, but on 1 side it completely cracked.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Boys Halloween Shirts

Since most schools are anti costumes/gore, I made these for the boys.

Black t-shirts.
Fabric of your choice (or theirs).
Cut into tie shape (I made 2 cuts because I wanted particular image for the knot).
Using fabric glue, I glued down the ties.
Let dry.
Then (just to be safe), I sewed them down.
*I didn't have to sew'em. The fabric glue is sturdy and washable, I just don't trust my boys. lol*

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am not a seamstress. I've never taken Home Ec classes, but I did my best (and I see the flaws).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Homemade vs Store Bought

What do you prefer?

I am prone to handmade...I prefer to make vs purchase.

For the past 18 years (+-), I have most often made gifts for my very best friend. I wont say that each and every one was a museum piece of art, but they were from the heart. I've made her a birthday cake, cards, drawings, I've even made her a custom Barbie.

*Back story*
Down South we have these things called Azalea Trail Maids - think Southern Belle. They (there are a couple dozen of these each year, Senior High School girls:

She was one. She designed her beautiful yellow dress to mimic that of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. It was beautiful.

I made the Barbie 'Southern Belle' dress/gown to look like her Azalea Trail Dress.


She and her husband are expecting their first child, lets call her Bubbette because she refuses to tell anyone what *her* name is, and thus she doomed herself to my nickname (she knows this and we joke about it).

The nursery theme is Peter Rabbit. I looked high and low and could not find Peter Rabbit fabric in small town USA.

I found some fabric that I liked and ran it by her to be safe.

Project 1 - plush bunny.
The 1st attempt failed.
2nd attempt became a lil ball.
3rd time - It came out great. I cut back on all the detail and I love it.
Had enough fabric left over to make a burp cloth.

I did it where the seam is on the outside. It is part of the overall design.

I still have a few things up my sleeve, must get done before Christmas.

*pics to follow*

Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Experiment

So, last week I tried something.

I set hubs alarm 5 minutes early.
Why? You may ask.

Because I am tired of seeing him rushing 'I'm Late, I'm Late', before work.

It's amazing what 5 extra minutes will do.

Have I told him?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Stupid Easy Poached Eggs

Served with an English muffin, cheese and ham = <3

Crack egg and put in a little bowl
(it's easier this way)

Hot water (NOT boiling).
What I do, I boil the water and then turn it down to drop the temperature.
Salt and a drop of vinegar (opt).

When it's Hot (not boiling)-
stir with the handle of a wood spoon (or something similar).

You have a tornado or whirlpool.

Pour the egg into the center of the tornado.

It will spin and drop.
It will look like a complete mess, but don't fret.

Let it cook a couple to four minutes.
(depends on if you like your yolk to run)
I like mine to run.

With a slotted spoon lift the egg out
(again it wont look pretty, I'm not Martha Stewart)

Put the egg on the end piece of bread (no one eats that piece anyway)
to drain off the water.



They are a little more time consuming than frying or scrambled,
but they taste so much better!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I don't like it

It saddens me.

I don't like thinking about it.

I don't like looking at pictures.

I don't like watching the news nor do I like watching the 'specials'.

I remember.

I will never forget.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Getaway

Per MapQuest,
a 11.5hr trip (1 way) turned out to be 16-18hrs

Drove thru a couple states, that I *hope* I never have to go thru again.

Don't get me wrong.
They are Beautiful.
Farmland as far as you can see....
As Far As...

If you don't get it -
There is nothing there.

Anyway -
We drove over on Saturday.
Look around on Sunday (Rapid City is a tourist trap and history).

This was hubs 2nd time seeing The Heads.
Mine and the boys 1st.

It was neat,
but I don't need to see them again.

Been There.
DONE That.