Friday, May 15, 2009

Pink Bamboo

I added a lil something extra to the Poppy Red walls. I was going for a lighter shade of the poppy red and well, I added more white than needed and of course red and white make PINK.

Now, we have pink bamboo on our poppy red wall and you know what???? We (Yes, we - hubby came home and said 'I think it's kinda cool - I say we keep it') We Like It!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Re-doing the living room

I hated our living room from the 1st moment I saw it. It took me 2 yrs living with it before I took on the battle of taking down the wallpaper; and another year looking at the scraps that I could not reach.
Finally, last week I got a wild hair and took down the remaining wallpaper.
What was uncovered was very interesting. Under 2 layers of wallpaper/texture & paint were multi colored walls: 2 shades of green, gold, pink, purple & blue, there were also sections of plaster and or concrete type stuff (where the old wood stove would have been). I had to re plaster because the walls were very much pitted. Re plastering was a day long (Mothers Day actually) event.
Yesterday, I painted 3 walls and some of the ceiling a pale green.
Today, I painted the accent wall (poppy red - I love poppies).
I've come to the conclusion that the green walls look like the inside of a cucumber OR all together the room looks like a watermelon? I dunno, but I do know that I like it!