Thursday, November 24, 2011


10+ years ago,
I collected Barbies and Beanies (like many others = sad).

7 years ago, I took many of these that weren't my favorites
and donated them to Toys for Tots.

I had the large box (shown below) -
of my favorites stowed away.

Earlier in this year -
I asked myself
WHY do I still have these?

Been waiting and waiting for this time of the year
so I can donate the rest of my collection.

What you see is not just Beanies (top 2 rows),
Under them are
Collectible Barbies.

Hubs was a lil taken aback
'you know how much money we spent on these?'

He wanted me to see if we could make a lil money back by listing them on Craigslist.

had I listed them and made money back-
that money would just go to more frivolous things.

This way,
I know, kids that wouldn't have anything
will have something now.

I have no use for them.
Hope whomever gets them...
Loves them.

*hope this isn't coming across as me tooting my own horn*

Monday, November 21, 2011

2 in one day, aren't y'all lucky! *girlie quilt*

My grandmother made me and my cousin these quilts.
Many years later-
Hubs claims it as his own.
As you can see, it's been loved.
He says it is the perfect quilt, because it is just heavy enough.

Several girls have fallen or are about to fall off.
Using the girlie quilt as batting-
I took a bunch of hubs old band shirts,
beer shirts,
or anything that was past its expiration date -
and came up with this.

*using the front and a back to get a checker pattern*
*solid, print, solid, print*

It's not complete.

I eyeball everything and well,
apparently I eyeballed wrong. lol

I have about 8" to add on the bottom.

Hubs likes it.

I'm still here :)

I know I haven't posted in a while.


It's that time of year.
I get sucked into crafts (I'm not complaining).

So far, I've sketched/water colored 2 bird pictures.
*what do you think? does the 1st need color? there is a lil blue on the birds and I fanned out the sketch - more solid in the center and less and less as it goes out*
A few Tshirt scarves.
A couple tshirt flowers (also beaded).
Crocheted a couple of hats.

Still need to make a tshirt quilt or 2.
Still need to make a tshirt scarf (different from the few above).
Still looking for an armoire.
Still helping hubs build and put up a roof? above the front door.
Still need to make a 'new baby' ornament or a knocked up ornament.
Still need a wood toy box or something similar.

Just a busy time of the year.