Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beachcombing Treaures

Agates and Quartz and Shells, Oh My!

(too bad we don't know what's what)

Calling all Rockhounds,
if you can help that would be great!

From Left to Right.
Top - Smoky Clear, Semi solid not quite opaque, stones
Center- Marbled, light yellow/clear, shells
Bottom - Sunstone?, Light blue, smoothed over shells.
and a few pieces of sea glass.

I LOVE Oregon Coast!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

We did not see Bigfoot...

but here is what we did see.

Then we saw More Green and More Beaches. Went down to Crescent City, Ca to see the giant redwoods.

Took the kids beach combing = free and they loved it!

The water was cold, but you got used to it (did not go swimming, just walked up to the knees).

The weather was PERFECT, 59* in the morning and the hottest it got was 80* and I think that was the day we drove down to California.

Having grown up on the Gulf Coast, the salt air calls to me...the smell of fish calls to me...the cool air Calls to me! I left a piece of myself there. I fell in love with western Oregon.

Mt Hood,
Voodoo Donut,
Mill Ends Park (smallest park in the world),
The Astoria Column, where Sprout and Hoss developed fear of heights,
Sea Lions,
Sea 'enemies',
baby abalone,
clam chowder,
fish and chips
awesome burgers,
Dutch Bros,