Sunday, September 30, 2012

Betty, wk 6

We are getting closer to having the engine in and hearing her purr.

This weekend-
Cleaned out the 'nests' from the engine area,
Cleaned under the hood,
Replaced brakes,
Replaced seals, 
Adjusted the driver door 
(now opens and closes w/o yanking on her or lifting up and pushing)
Pulled gas tank out, 
Replaced ignition switch
stripped / sanded more.

*jus' so ya' kno, yellow sharpie fades in the sun and brown turns purple*

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Canning Funnel

Making pear preserves this week. 
Earlier, I was spooning the pears into the jars 
(I don't can often enough to have all the normal supplies on hand). 
So, I was winging it. 
Then it dawned on me! 
Reuse (cut) a milk jug!!! 
Clean it well. 
Then start pouring the preserves into the 'funnel'. 
*I did have to shake the 'funnel' a couple times to get it all to go thru, but it was better than spooning it in*

Monday, September 17, 2012

Betty Wk 5 Day 1

I feel accomplished seeing the grease and dirt on my hands and clothes -
after working on Betty.  
However, I've washed my hands oodles of times 
(I'm kinda OCD like that)  
and the fact that my hands are stained 
(in the cracks and around my cuticles) 
w/ grease -
kinda grosses me out.

*I wiped her down w/ Lysol today
(seats and carpet are out)
Sprayed her w/ bleach
(even though hubs told me not to - some things I just couldn't rag down and feel as though it was truly clean)*

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Betty Wk 5

When we got the car, they told us it didn't have a key.

We've had her 5 weeks.
5 weeks of -
playing with engine
taking engine out
cleaning the windows
taking seats out
cleaning seats
removing the backseat
switching over tires/wheels
YOU get the idea...
5 (FIVE) weeks!

Yesterday, hubs vacuumed her out -
what did he find?

We tried the doors.
Someone B.U. (Before Us) changed the ignition switch.
(so key for doors are different from starting her)
We found the original ignition switch in the trunk.


The keys we found yesterday WORK!

(the keys were under lots and lots of rat nests, ew)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Betty wk 4+

Hubs took the engine to a friends house to be cleaned.

A couple hours later he called...
The friend was mistaken and thought this was a different engine -
 that needed to be rebuilt.

Hubs brings the engine back in PIECES! 

It was only spose to be CLEANED.

THEY are looking at this as an opportunity - 
to replace ALL engine seals.
(the thin paper looking pieces that go between 2 pieces of metal)

I'm looking at this as a set back.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Betty wk 4?

We finally parted out the red '66.  
Took some to the crusher and the rest in the back for the boys to play in. 

Moved Betty under the carport to take out her engine.
Haven't been able to do too much to her other than work on her 'look'. 
I didn't like the white paint. 

Hubs started sanding on her in spots last Sat.(Labor Day wkend)-
He showed me how to do it and I went to town! 

8 days later (technically 7, b/c I didn't touch her yesterday).
Stripped her (by hand).
Wet sanded her (still have 1/2 the deck lid to do).
This is how she looks today!
*spent a good 5 hours stripping and sanding, today alone*

She is looking good!
We are still trying to decide on the '2 tone' look we want.
As Is (painting the white eventually).
Stripping her doors and leaving the fenders 'white'. 
Strip her completely?

We don't have to decide today.
She doesn't look like a 'project' the way she looks now, IMO.

A little at a time.

***we also put in her pop-outs today!***