Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lowest Form of Insult

I thought about taking a picture of it,
but it would make me want to cry every time I saw it.

Yesterday, I was working on a new painting.

I was working on the front lawn -
so I could fling paint without worry.

It's what I call *FUN*
I got me.
The grass.
The plants.
Hubs truck.
The house.
The rocks/boulders.

Anyway -

I had this wonderful idea for a painting.
It's a joke that hubs and I have from our trip to California in 2001.
It was going to be and abstract piece (splatter paint).

I did the base coat and was working on the main piece.
I had that 80% done.

*neighbor comes over with her kids (4)*

Mind you, my 4 year old was staying clear of the painting.

*with the mom standing there, I figured it would be safe to go inside and get a couple more colors*

A few seconds later, I open the front door to see her oldest daughter (5),
walking on my painting!

I gasp.

The mom said,
'oh, ______, Amy was working on something (laughs), can it be fixed'?

Yes, it can be fixed, not that I had planned to do so.

I rush inside and to the shower.
I wash it off, taking it back to bare bones.

The mom joked 'you could just work with her footprints and make it part of the painting'.
Me 'that's not the type of painting I wanted to do'.

You see.
Painting, is what I do.
It's all I know.
It's my thing.

To have someone insult me the way she did by walking on it.
(she is 5, she should know better).

I started over (after they left),
but I am not happy with it.
I don't think I can paint it now.
Well, not anytime soon.
I will have to lock it away in my mind,
til I am somewhat over it.

Anyway, I am not happy with the piece.
I want to burn it.

It's as if she spat on me.

It was the lowest form of insult I have ever had.

*am I being too dramatic?*

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disco Nite!

Just a lil look at my disco eyes.
I googled 'How To'
I found a video of a lady using these colors for a 'disco look'
Purple on lower lid.
Yellow up top.
Rust in the crease and outer corner.
Green on the inner corner.
Purple under.
And I used a white for highlight at the brow.

I looked high and low for an afro.
Couldn't find one or was told 'they'll be in in 2 wks'
(not helpful since I needed it last night).

I borrowed one from a friend.
(She and I are in a mutual mommy and me group)
I have to say, the 'fro MADE the costume.

Lennon glasses bought at the 'less than $1 store'.
army type belt (used as belt and wristband) thrifted, 2 for $1 each.
Purse (LOVE the purse) $4.
Long, gold earrings $4.
Everything else, I made or already had.
*what can I say, I'm the perpetual Hippie*

Me and my girlfriend get to the party -
she walks in, then I.
The owner looks at me and says 'Wow, you WIN!'

Later, more people show and dressed for 70s night.
The owner walks over to me and hands me my prize
Basket of beers :)
She says 'you win again, you could let someone else win sometime'. lol

I'm 3 for 3 on the costumes.


What can I say, I'm setting the bar.

***I can't dance (there I said it. Now you all know, but don't tell anyone else).
I had to google (I love Google).
Had to google, 70's dances.
I saw 1 for The Hustle.
I watched a few times and was still confused.
I even watched Soul Train, but that was useless.

Get to the party and after a while.
I got up and did the YMCA with everyone else.
Then the DJ played Do the Hustle (IDK, if that is the actual name).
My girlfriend asked 'that's not the dance, is it?'
I said 'No, and got up and actually did it and remembered the steps'.
Later -
My girlfriend dragged me to a club and she asked the DJ there to play K$sha and told him that if he did, that I would dance.
(why she picked K$sha, I have no idea)
He did
and I did,
but I did The Hustle to K$sha -
it's harder than you may think-
but it looked like I knew how to throw down.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Update C25K Prt2

After last Monday it occurred to me -

Yes, I can jog a 5k
- but it took me 9weeks of training to do so.

At the moment I am trying to work on speed.
I can't expect myself to work on speed and at the same time finish the 5k.
My body wont do that.

So - I put that on the back burner.
Working on speed.

I went back to the program
do what that day calls for.

I started w4d1 prt2 yesterday.
*everything is in minutes*
I did it (again),
this time at a faster speed.

Monday, July 11, 2011


I graduated C25K on Saturday.
*I have been planning to redo the program to work on speed*

I thought I should start from week 1 day 1, but...
it seemed too easy
so, as most others, I skipped to wk 3 d 1 -

Saturday, I jogged a 5k =
I jogged 3.1 miles,
I jogged for 50 minutes Straight
(jogging at a snails pace of 3.7)!

Today, I go in and jog 1.5/walk 1.5 -
jog 3/walk 3, etc...for 20min -
I did this for 24.5minutes jogging at a 4
after that I walked and jogged to = 3.31miles,
it took me almost 2 min longer to do the 3 miles
I couldn't jog longer than 5 minutes,


Saturday, July 9, 2011

*Week Nine*

9 weeks ago I would have bet everything against you.
9 weeks ago I would have laughed to your face - IF
If you told me that I would be able to jog a 5k (3.1 miles)

I recall week 1.
Week 1 day 2 (I believe)
I asked my friend
(the one that challenged me)
'How am I spose to jog a 5k IF I get winded after 1.5min?'
She told me 'to go slow'
I had to work on my breathing too.
'Blow out a candle'

There were good days.
There were EASY days.
There were bad days.
There were hard days.

Today was week9 day3


I jogged 3.1 miles
in 50minutes and 3seconds.
(faster than i figured)


Holy Crap


*I plan to start the program over and work on speed*

*laughs hysterically*

Friday, July 8, 2011

Week 9 (NINE)

Week 9 Day 2
I did my 30min jog and...
and kept going for another 14min!
I just wasn't tired.

I jogged 2.76 miles

I really was trying to jog the entire 5k (3.1miles), but
but I feel that would have been *pushing* it.
Holy Crap-
I jogged 44 minutes tonight NON STOP!

I finished walking = 5k

Can you believe it?
I can't!
I've NEVER been a runner/a jogger!
But here I am ...
albeit slowly,

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week 8 Day 3

because we spent the day putting the play set together.

I went last night and Finished
Week 9 Day 1!
30 minute jog.
I did 2.25miles = 37.05minutes
I am still S-L-O-W
Like snails pace.

I 'plan' to redo C25K and work on speed.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our Saturday

It arrived on Wednesday in 4 large boxes.
Yesterday (7-2-11)
hubs and I put it together for the boys.
Hubs gets grumpy when faced with a 'project'.
With every step (all 1500 of'em) he was determined to have a missing piece.
'I need_______, don't tell me we don't have ________
Oh, there it is'.
REPEAT w/ every step.

Finally after 8 hours...
the boys have a tree house,
a play set
a fort.

They LOVE it!

And, I'm *jealous*
because, I never had anything cool like this growing up. lol

Friday, July 1, 2011

Week 8 Day 2

Almost didn't happen.
I got ready
I went to the gym
I began the 5min walk
started the 28min jog and then it happened...
My mind and body decided to work against me
I was DONE (spent) after only 6 minutes.
I ended up walking the rest.
I was so upset with myself.

After dinner, I decided that I was going to try it again.
*I really don't want to repeat a day*
37.30 minutes
2.25 miles
(I'm a snail)