Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disco Nite!

Just a lil look at my disco eyes.
I googled 'How To'
I found a video of a lady using these colors for a 'disco look'
Purple on lower lid.
Yellow up top.
Rust in the crease and outer corner.
Green on the inner corner.
Purple under.
And I used a white for highlight at the brow.

I looked high and low for an afro.
Couldn't find one or was told 'they'll be in in 2 wks'
(not helpful since I needed it last night).

I borrowed one from a friend.
(She and I are in a mutual mommy and me group)
I have to say, the 'fro MADE the costume.

Lennon glasses bought at the 'less than $1 store'.
army type belt (used as belt and wristband) thrifted, 2 for $1 each.
Purse (LOVE the purse) $4.
Long, gold earrings $4.
Everything else, I made or already had.
*what can I say, I'm the perpetual Hippie*

Me and my girlfriend get to the party -
she walks in, then I.
The owner looks at me and says 'Wow, you WIN!'

Later, more people show and dressed for 70s night.
The owner walks over to me and hands me my prize
Basket of beers :)
She says 'you win again, you could let someone else win sometime'. lol

I'm 3 for 3 on the costumes.


What can I say, I'm setting the bar.

***I can't dance (there I said it. Now you all know, but don't tell anyone else).
I had to google (I love Google).
Had to google, 70's dances.
I saw 1 for The Hustle.
I watched a few times and was still confused.
I even watched Soul Train, but that was useless.

Get to the party and after a while.
I got up and did the YMCA with everyone else.
Then the DJ played Do the Hustle (IDK, if that is the actual name).
My girlfriend asked 'that's not the dance, is it?'
I said 'No, and got up and actually did it and remembered the steps'.
Later -
My girlfriend dragged me to a club and she asked the DJ there to play K$sha and told him that if he did, that I would dance.
(why she picked K$sha, I have no idea)
He did
and I did,
but I did The Hustle to K$sha -
it's harder than you may think-
but it looked like I knew how to throw down.

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