Monday, July 11, 2011


I graduated C25K on Saturday.
*I have been planning to redo the program to work on speed*

I thought I should start from week 1 day 1, but...
it seemed too easy
so, as most others, I skipped to wk 3 d 1 -

Saturday, I jogged a 5k =
I jogged 3.1 miles,
I jogged for 50 minutes Straight
(jogging at a snails pace of 3.7)!

Today, I go in and jog 1.5/walk 1.5 -
jog 3/walk 3, etc...for 20min -
I did this for 24.5minutes jogging at a 4
after that I walked and jogged to = 3.31miles,
it took me almost 2 min longer to do the 3 miles
I couldn't jog longer than 5 minutes,


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