Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 6 Day 3 - DONE!

Wk6 Day3
done. done. donity.
Warm up 5min.
started my 25 min jog (yes, day 3 is 25min),
made it just past 10min when m MP3 fell and went flying off the treadmill (eff!)
walked 5min (talking bad to myself, but at the same time
refusing to repeat today) ...
it took A LOT of talking myself thru it ~~~
I jogged the next 26 (TWENTY-SIX) min going at 3.6-3.8

Monday, June 13, 2011

Out Picture Takin' w/ Hoss

I call this piece:
Fire and Ice

Do you kno why?

PYREX Trade & Finds

My girlfriend has told me a few times that she likes the browns.
I am not a fan of the browns, but have lots.

I was at her house a couple weeks ago
and saw she has a Large Primary Red Bowl
vs the Yellow.
She says she has never found a yellow
Well WhatDoYouKnow, I have 3.

The other night she had a MNO
(Moms Night Out)
at her house.

I took my extra yellow
Plus 5 pieces of brown to 'sweeten the pot'.
I REALLY wanted the Red.

She Traded!

I am now the proud owner of a Large Red Primary!

Also, I went junking.
Driving by this 1 little yard sale
*little* yard sale -
I saw mostly clothes and started to drive past when...
I see Bright Red followed by White.

I stop.
I pick up.
I ask 'how much?'
.50 cents!

It's in pretty good shape.
The color looks brand new, except...
except for all the scratches on it.
I can look past the scratches tho.

Went to a local thrift shop and bought a
yellow w/ speckled loaf pan.
.75 cents.


Pretty good weekend for Pyrex.

Now, if only I would take pics.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

5k number 3 of the Season

I finished week 5 day 3 of couch to 5k last night.
It calls for a 20 minute jog
that's 20 minutes non stop!
I started slower than usual
3.5 and finished at a 4.1 (jogging)
Just call me...

I found out 2 days ago that there was a 5k today
Guess, what I stayed up waaay too late for
and then had to get up waaay early for?

Me and a girlfriend did the 5k.
Me and blondie there
finished our 5k (walk w/ little jogging)
in 49 min.

Our friend ran a 10k thru the hills of death.

She asked me 'why didn't you say it was that bad?'
I said 'what did you think I meant when I said 'it sucked!'?
I walked the same 10k last year.
Hills of DEATH!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What a way to start the day

Sprout vs Rock
Rock WINS! :(
(we got rocks to put in the yard...
I think he found one)
He says he fell

You would think that as 'accident prone' he is
that we would have cooler band-aids
(went to store and got him Cars band-aids)
BTW - he gets the 'accident proneness' from his daddy

After he took his nap
BIG black eye

It's opening a lil at a time

He keeps telling me
'I'll be fine'
Glad he thinks so.
Makes me HURT just looking at it
Makes me HURT more when he touches it

*yes, he has an ice pack, Tylenol and ice cream & lots of hugs an kisses*

Mama has a glass of wine, might need more.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 5 - Good Golly!

I started week 5 last night.
I was a lil freaked about it - even more freaked about Friday.
The previous weeks were jog a few and walk a few.
Week 5 Day 1 -
jog 5
walk 3
jog 5
walk 3
jog 5
I didn't do anything special or add anything.
(with a 5min warm up and a 5 min cool dn walk).

My girlfriend did this with me again.
I did my C25K and then walked and talked w/ her
total of 1hr 3.25+ miles

Day 2 -
jog 8
walk 5
jog 8
walk 5
jog 8

(uh oh)

Day 3
20 min jog!
(Say Wut?!?)
As you may guess, I am a REALLY freaked about Friday
Altho - I can always repeat days or weeks, if I feel the need...
But I would like to attempt to finish all 9wks in 9wks.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 2 Week 4

Squashed like a Bug!

Mind you, I didn't add anything
or do anything special.
Just followed the 'chart'.

2.1 miles in 36.4 minutes.

Happy National Running Day.