Monday, June 13, 2011

PYREX Trade & Finds

My girlfriend has told me a few times that she likes the browns.
I am not a fan of the browns, but have lots.

I was at her house a couple weeks ago
and saw she has a Large Primary Red Bowl
vs the Yellow.
She says she has never found a yellow
Well WhatDoYouKnow, I have 3.

The other night she had a MNO
(Moms Night Out)
at her house.

I took my extra yellow
Plus 5 pieces of brown to 'sweeten the pot'.
I REALLY wanted the Red.

She Traded!

I am now the proud owner of a Large Red Primary!

Also, I went junking.
Driving by this 1 little yard sale
*little* yard sale -
I saw mostly clothes and started to drive past when...
I see Bright Red followed by White.

I stop.
I pick up.
I ask 'how much?'
.50 cents!

It's in pretty good shape.
The color looks brand new, except...
except for all the scratches on it.
I can look past the scratches tho.

Went to a local thrift shop and bought a
yellow w/ speckled loaf pan.
.75 cents.


Pretty good weekend for Pyrex.

Now, if only I would take pics.

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