Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What a way to start the day

Sprout vs Rock
Rock WINS! :(
(we got rocks to put in the yard...
I think he found one)
He says he fell

You would think that as 'accident prone' he is
that we would have cooler band-aids
(went to store and got him Cars band-aids)
BTW - he gets the 'accident proneness' from his daddy

After he took his nap
BIG black eye

It's opening a lil at a time

He keeps telling me
'I'll be fine'
Glad he thinks so.
Makes me HURT just looking at it
Makes me HURT more when he touches it

*yes, he has an ice pack, Tylenol and ice cream & lots of hugs an kisses*

Mama has a glass of wine, might need more.

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