Monday, February 28, 2011

A Differnt Use for Pyrex

Dog food and water bowls.
I have so much Pyrex that I can't use it all; I still want to see it though.
Even if what I am allowing him to use is my DBD (death by dishwasher) bowls. Now to find one to use for his food.

I would give the cats their own Pyrex water dish, but 1 cat insists on pushing the bowl down the stairs (Grrr). Fresh water and she pushes it down the stairs.
She has some serious issues.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Princess Cake the Conclusion

The Barbie that was brought to me was very cute (I even liked her top and attempted to match the icing color to it, but it didn't work).
The icing wouldn't match and therefore, I had to cover her top...In my opinion - this isn't the best top in style world.

I started the morning by making the icing (2 batches, coloring as needed), stacking and crumb coating in between the layers (the bowl has to be cut in half - it becomes 2 layers).
Hollowing out the centers before stacking.

I did a scalloped edge to the bottom part of the skirt (2-8" layers) make it look like flowing fabric.

Covering the cake in pink.

I decided to do a lil 'peek-a-boo' skirt, with marigold ruffles.
Details in white.

She has diamonds sprinkled all over the skirt.
She is a Princess so she can afford to walk on them too.

My clients daughter requested a bear too.

It's my 1st 'Princess Cake' so Be Nice.

*do you see the Pyrex?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Princess Cake

Doing my 1st ever Princess Cake.
(I remember my ma doing one back in the day, so I think I can figure it out)

To do this you will need:
2 box cakes
2 - 8" round cake pans
a bowl
*Or Me as your friend*
a 'barbie'
clear wrap (to wrap the legs of the doll)

1 box cake will be for the bowl and the other for the 2 pans.

*note-it will take longer (than posted on the box - I guesstimated the bundt) for the bowl to bake and it might dimple, something I just learned. It isn't a big issues because you have to hollow out the cake in the center for the doll to fit.

I will decorate it tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cold and Wet

It's been too cold and too wet to get outside and work on anything.
I don't much feel like doing it inside and getting dust everywhere.

I'm so over you Winter.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hubs Said it Couldn't Be Done, He said I Would 'Ruin it '

*sticks tongue out at hubs*

To recap - I got this vintage dresser from a neighbor.
It had been left out in the weather for about 2 weeks.
I bring it home, but it was too wide for the area I had planned...
what to do?

Make it into a bookcase or 2.

The drawers became a bookcase for my boys, painted to mimic steel sheets with rivets.

Pulled off all the loose stuff.
It was 19" deep (that's too deep for a bookcase), I had to cut 5" off the entire thing (this is where hubs said I would 'ruin it').
Bondoed, yes the car stuff.
Added shelves.
*grunts, power tools, grunts*

Painted the main body an off white and the inside a light olive green.

I stenciled on a few details in the olive green (contrasts).
It was pretty this way (off white/olive green), but you could really see the imperfections and it is a bit to new and bright for my taste.
*if you know anything about us at all, you will know that hubs and I love Vintage.

I used watered down, brown, acrylic paint and did a quick wash over the entire piece (minus the green inside). I brushed on the brown and really put it in all the 'problem areas' and then with a wet rag, wiped it off.

You can see the imperfections, but now it looks really old and used.

Yep, it is already in my room loaded with my books.

What is the cost of this?
Dresser = Free,
Shelves $5 (wood was cracked, I got it discounted) and
caulking $3
Bondo $9 =
...and I got 2 bookcases out of it.

I love re-purposing things.

How dare he doubt my mad skillz ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bookcase Number Deux

Here is a QUICK look at dresser to bookcase number 2. I will update later with pictures and words.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Marshmallows 2

(sorry the image is so itty bitty)

Made these the same way I did the others minus the sticks. Much faster! I served them in my large Friendship Cinderella Bowl. *again, using the jumbo marshmallows (about the size of 4 regular ones).

Happy Llama Day!

I don't do the 'Hallmark Holiday' (never have).
I decided to proclaim today as Happy Llama Day!
Do something for yourself and...
hug a llama.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Guess What???

We went back again (twice today), hubs also went again today. He came home with a few things.
I went back this morning and got: a frog (to put in a vase to hold your flowers upright) a Billy Beer can (for hubs garage art), old reflectors (old school version of the orange cones of today) and I also picked up a wood side table? or stool? It will be a plant stand $4, total $9.

Went back again near closing time and got 4 more (the rest) of the plants for $5 and a large metal locker/closet (we bought one last Summer, but hubs claimed it and put in his garage) this one is in Hoss's room - it will be his closet (he doesn't have a closet in his room), got this for $5.

Great weekend junking.
Finally, it is getting to be that time of the year! :)

Marshmallow Pops

What you need:

marshmallows (I bought the Jumbo size)
sprinkles or coconut or nuts or chocolate chips, etc...
melting chocolates (1 bag did about 31 marshmallows)
pop sticks (come in packs of 25)
bags (packs of 50 w/ twists)

Stab the marshmallows.

Dip half the marshmallow in the chocolate (follow directions on melting the chocolate).

Roll in sprinkles.

Let dry on wax paper (they dry pretty quickly).

Wrap in bags.


I did these for my 8 y/o's Valentines Party tomorrow.

*I plan on making more tomorrow, minus the sticks (young kids) and will just serve in a bowl or plate.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Went Back

I knew it would happen.
Hubs and Hoss went back this morning, they came home with a box full of misc. car stuff. A girlfriend and I went this afternoon. She picked up a piece of enamelware and other things she found that spoke to her.
I picked up 3 plants (the same ones I was eyeballing yesterday) and 2 things that hubs asked me to get.
Honestly, I went back a 3rd time and got 2-12oz Fire King casserole dishes for $.50. They had 5 lil fridgies that I picked up, however they wanted $3 each - they were marked 1/2 off, but I just could not see me paying $7.50 for fridgies that were DBD (death by dishwasher). I also got a clear globe (looks similar to a clear Christmas ornament with 4 holes on the top) - it's for rooting plants. I picked it up for $.25 and it is already hanging in the kitchen w/ plants in it.
Yes, we plan to go back (again) tomorrow - last time I went to one of these estate sales on the last day, I ended up getting lots of things free.

My girlfriend and I went junking after and I came home with 2 old orchard casserole dishes, an oval, orange wheat casserole and a large Town and Country roast pan with lid (Pyrex, for those of ya'll who aren't in the know). ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011


* Picture HEAVY! *
Beautiful compacts and beaded purses.

A toaster.

I'm Not sure, some sort of musical instruments.Turn of the century dresses/furs.

More clothes.

*went back, again and again, they had a sign above these today that read French Ivory*

Jadeite, was very $$$.

A large mirrored room to reflect all of their beautiful depression glass.

The real deal (glows under black light).

I can't get over how large this home was!

Old west/Indian collection.

Beautiful old quilts.

Vintage ornaments.

A wall of books.

More depression glass.


Old medicine bottles,coke/pepsi bottles and jars.

Tags. Some rather old and rusty.

TOOLS! 2 Large (20'?) tables.

The view of the basement as you descend the stairs. As you can see, my lil monster ready to touch, touch, touch.

I love that 1955 mixer and the canisters.

$4.00 each. We already own 3? I don't know if we have room for more. Those tables you see (tools and other things) had some of these trays as its legs.
So. Many. Trays.
See, he is touching!


Pyrex. I only saw this one casserole dish and 7 lil fridgies.

There was also a front room with lots of plants. I really wanted some plants.

Can you believe...I just walked away?

There was just so much and it was hard to take it all in. I do not have enough money for all the things I saw that I would have liked to bring home. But I might change my mind tomorrow, it's on all weekend.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

He Loves Me...

Look what hubs got me tonight ($5, GW)! After he handed it off he said 'crap, I should have waited til Valentines Day!) Oops! Too Late. Anything given before don't count! ;)

He also got these, to be listed of course. The largest is 2.5QT.

...lack of sleep...

I am not nice when I don't get my sleep. I don't understand why I am smiling...maybe it's my sanity or the lack there of?

*picture is from the 8 year old.