Sunday, February 13, 2011

Marshmallow Pops

What you need:

marshmallows (I bought the Jumbo size)
sprinkles or coconut or nuts or chocolate chips, etc...
melting chocolates (1 bag did about 31 marshmallows)
pop sticks (come in packs of 25)
bags (packs of 50 w/ twists)

Stab the marshmallows.

Dip half the marshmallow in the chocolate (follow directions on melting the chocolate).

Roll in sprinkles.

Let dry on wax paper (they dry pretty quickly).

Wrap in bags.


I did these for my 8 y/o's Valentines Party tomorrow.

*I plan on making more tomorrow, minus the sticks (young kids) and will just serve in a bowl or plate.

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JCB Design Studio said...

They look yummy, thanks for sharing, can't wait to try them for my kids!