Saturday, February 26, 2011

Princess Cake the Conclusion

The Barbie that was brought to me was very cute (I even liked her top and attempted to match the icing color to it, but it didn't work).
The icing wouldn't match and therefore, I had to cover her top...In my opinion - this isn't the best top in style world.

I started the morning by making the icing (2 batches, coloring as needed), stacking and crumb coating in between the layers (the bowl has to be cut in half - it becomes 2 layers).
Hollowing out the centers before stacking.

I did a scalloped edge to the bottom part of the skirt (2-8" layers) make it look like flowing fabric.

Covering the cake in pink.

I decided to do a lil 'peek-a-boo' skirt, with marigold ruffles.
Details in white.

She has diamonds sprinkled all over the skirt.
She is a Princess so she can afford to walk on them too.

My clients daughter requested a bear too.

It's my 1st 'Princess Cake' so Be Nice.

*do you see the Pyrex?


MomOf2AtHome said...

That is such an awesome idea! Great cake too! Did you daughter love it? I do my kid's b-day cakes. I should put them all on my blog. I'll put that on my to-do list. I'll have to round up all the pix in the different folders on the computer.

AmyC ~ said...

Thx, it was for a gfriends daughter.
Walking into the party area, I had lots of 'thats cool!' - even from guys! lol