Friday, February 11, 2011


* Picture HEAVY! *
Beautiful compacts and beaded purses.

A toaster.

I'm Not sure, some sort of musical instruments.Turn of the century dresses/furs.

More clothes.

*went back, again and again, they had a sign above these today that read French Ivory*

Jadeite, was very $$$.

A large mirrored room to reflect all of their beautiful depression glass.

The real deal (glows under black light).

I can't get over how large this home was!

Old west/Indian collection.

Beautiful old quilts.

Vintage ornaments.

A wall of books.

More depression glass.


Old medicine bottles,coke/pepsi bottles and jars.

Tags. Some rather old and rusty.

TOOLS! 2 Large (20'?) tables.

The view of the basement as you descend the stairs. As you can see, my lil monster ready to touch, touch, touch.

I love that 1955 mixer and the canisters.

$4.00 each. We already own 3? I don't know if we have room for more. Those tables you see (tools and other things) had some of these trays as its legs.
So. Many. Trays.
See, he is touching!


Pyrex. I only saw this one casserole dish and 7 lil fridgies.

There was also a front room with lots of plants. I really wanted some plants.

Can you believe...I just walked away?

There was just so much and it was hard to take it all in. I do not have enough money for all the things I saw that I would have liked to bring home. But I might change my mind tomorrow, it's on all weekend.

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