Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Survived the 80's

Like, How was this ever an attractive look?

Only 2 of us (out of our group) dressed up, she was more of your upper class 80's chic and I, more of the Valley girl.

Can you believe that no one stocks 80's accessories/makeup! Seriously, I had to search high and low to find something that would work or make it myself!

Last night at Marigolds Wine & Delicacies (with the help of STAR 98.5) had 80's night. They had a 80's costume contest (Did someone say contest? Sign me up!!!)

*I have to get one of these for the house!!!

I had a few things from my childhood (original from the 1980's - button earrings, New Kids on the Block buttons, the banana clip). I had to crochet my own leg warmers.

The shirt and skirt are from when I went as '80's girl' a few Halloweens ago. I made the off the shoulder, fridge/beaded, splatter paint shirt. I ended up going to Dollar Tree for the BRIGHT Pink lip stick/ nail polish and black and white gloves that I cut the fingers off of.

They also had 80's trivia, I ended up calling hubs for this. He is like a walking/talking movie/music dictionary.

I had some competition, but WON the costume contest (Yay Me!) Prize - a bottle of wine. *I also won 2 cd's with hubs help, of course.

***more pictures to follow......MAYBE. lol


Julie said...

Aw...You guys looked fab! DD is fond of asking, whenever nostalgia hits and we start looking up 80s music vids on YouTube,

"DId you guys wear anything that WASN'T visually scarring in the 80s?" =D

AmyC ~ said...

lol, Hoss say Flock of Seagulls hair do and told me he wanted the look! I told him 'it was attractive then and it isn't now'.