Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Thrill of the Hunt

These 'roast pans' are Awesome! 045...I love the green color, but not a fan of the gold pattern.

Thanks to PyrexLove, I found that this is called Sage Scroll or Green Scroll.

Not a divided dish and I love it!

Beautiful turquoise. Hubs saw it and was like 'you can keep that one', like I needed his permission....silly husband! lol

The baking is 14" long and 4" across and sits in a metal frame.

The Bake-A-Round's works with frozen bread dough, too.

You can read about it here:

I have been looking for dishes to replace all my modern crap (seriously, things are just not made like they used to be).

Went junking today, before taking Sprout to school and I found all this! 7 dinner plates - Copper Filigree. They match the bowls I bought last week (I wasn't going for matchy matchy - I prefer eclectic, but I couldn't pass them up...if down the road I find some other pattern I like better then I will rid these and use those).

Platters! I think I will keep one and rid the rest.

You can find these as well as other finds at my etsy shop:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dino/Monster Costume

Felt = Details.

Spots and teeth - not cut to be perfect.

I chose 2 shirts of the same size and color (4T). For Sprouts costume I needed a hoodie - I looked and looked and could not find a blank hoodie - so I had to make one!

Here is where I made my mistake (yes, I will admit to a mistake). See the shirt on the right all cut up? Rather than cutting the neck straight across I angled it (WHY?) *I used the finished seam on the bottom to be the face opening of the hoodie.

Had I not angled the cut it would fit perfect, but now if the hoodie is on the head like it should be (pulled forward), the back neck is pulled up. I will just put the hoodie on with a loose fit.

Sewing the hood together, with the 3 triangular back pieces (what are those called?)

Attaching the hood to the shirt.

Since it is not Halloween I will allow only blurry images of the semi finished costume (the tail will be pinned on).

Using fabric glue (Aleene's Fabric Fusion), I put the spots, teeth, nostrils and eyes on.

Monday, September 27, 2010


A human heart made out of felt and hand stitched. It's part of Hoss' costume.

Halloween Costumes

I always start thinking about Halloween in August.

I am one of the rare ones that still makes costumes. My mom made costumes for me and my brother and it is something I enjoy doing for my kids.

So, I start asking the kids what they want to be for Halloween in August, I ask Hubs too. That gives me 3 months to figure out how I am going to go about making the costume.

At first Hoss said he wanted to be a spider (he knows I am terrified of the eight legged freaks). Sprout wanted to go as a bird or a dog, we were going to go with a bird dog. Then everything changed (I am not one for change).

Hoss then said he wanted to be a big, scary, black cat....Ok, I can do a black panther.

Sprout told me last week that he wanted to be a dog, a cat, a bird, a train, a monster truck and bus....HowDoI? WhereDoI???

Took them to the Halloween store to get 'ideas'. What a big help that was *sarcasm*.

I can only assume - Hoss has now started saying that he wants to be something scary, oozing with blood and guts (WHERE does he get this? We are very careful on what he can watch). So, I can only assume he is getting these ideas from school (2nd grade).

He is bound and determined to be something scary...I asked him the other day and he said 'fine, I'll be a skeleton...since there is nothing else'. I said 'nothing else? I can make you into a princess if you want'.

Anyway - I went out today and got the makings for the costumes. Hoss main part is black sweats $10 and Sprout is also a long sleeve and pants $3.50 each...I bought an extra shirt to make a hoodie for his shirt.

Hubs is going to find his own thing. He will wait til the last minute (Halloween party is Oct 16).

My costume, on the other hand, is pretty much complete. I am so excited about this costume. The main body of it, is a costume my mom made back in the 80's (I try to keep all the costumes, although there are several that got lost over the years).

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I could just shoot myself.

I posted about these wonder finds a few posts back. I've decided to rid them (I love them, but I want to stick to Pyrex).

I was stacking them for a dramatic picture when they all came tumbling down *insert sad face*.

So, prior to me stacking them, for ultimate demise, they were in pretty good condition.

3 are still in good condition (no chips/cracks) and the 4th, well - the rim on the inside of the lid - there are 2 chips. Other than that they are in good condition.

These are darling little fridge dishes.

Milk white with glass lids.

Stamped Balkan Yogurt Maker on lids and the base say Balkan Yogurt Maker Made in the USA. I believe by Fire King.

Measures 4" in diameter and is about 2 1/2" high with lid on.

Wonderful detail to the lids and base.

There is tape residue on the lids.

You can find these as well as other treasures at my etsy shop:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a poem

My best friend-
the love of my life.
Makes me laugh.

Bellies all around us
A ticking clock.
A decision-

The day arrived.
Four years later-
added One more

Sleep deprived.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

After School Snack

I was intending to make pop tarts this afternoon, but the dough was not working with me.

I started with half a can of crescent rolls (used half last night with dinner and stowed the rest away for today).

I was having issues rolling the dough into a rectangle. (it's the doughs fault)

With a not-quite-a-circle I used homemade chunky apple sauce and regular homemade apple sauce. Spooned on top (also put a little honey, cinnamon and nutmeg)

Baked a little longer than the directions state, turning midway threw. I let it cool before topping it with the glaze (powdered sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg & milk).

The boys devoured it.

Looks nice on my Pyrex salad plate, huh?

And yes, I know the acronym (feel free to use it) Ha!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Homemade MiracleWhip

I was in dire need for Miracle Whip and no motivation to pack up Sprout and go to the store just for that.

I googled a recipe and figured 'Hey, I have all that'.

The 1st part was easy and looked like MW, nice, thick and smooth. But the recipe also asked for: 1/2 c boiling water, 2 tsp vinegar, mustard powder and 1 1/2 TBS flour....mix - no lumps, then mix all together.

So here are the ingredients (that looked like the finished product, but according to the recipe...not).

2 egg yolks, 1 TBS powdered Sugar, 2 tsp salt and 3 TBS lemon juice. Blend til smooth. Then pour in 1 1/2c oil. I did this and it was nice and thick.....(of course, I didn't take a picture of that).

Then I had to go an add the water/flour stuff.....

Epic Fail.

*finger over mouth* I think I just threw-up a lil.

So, until I decide to 'try' this again, I will stick to the store bought.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Treasures

Town and Country

I haven't seen a yellow like this before --- I Like It! I think this belongs to the Town and Country nesting bowl set - the largest is white with the pattern, yellow, orange, brown being the smallest.

This brown one, I traded a friend books for. I plan on listing this one.

I haven't been able to find out much about these. They are Balkam Yogurt Maker dishes - white w/ crystal lids. The lids are marked as well as the base. They are made by Fire King (I believe).

I went junking today (just before having to pick up Sprout from Preschool), I saw these, picked them up and put them back down. Picked up said child and went on with my day. I was even emailing my girlfriends (that are starting to collect) and told them that they should go get'em. I couldn't get them out of my mind - so I went and got'em. They are so darn cute (4). There is some old tape residue on the lids.

Hubs told me tonight that I am getting just as bad about Pyrex as he was/is about Hot Wheels. My reply to that was 'these are cheaper and actually have a purpose'.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

15 months out

April 2009

Spring 2010

I am 15 months post-op. I am not where I thought I would be, but to have the scale go down rather than up is always good - no matter how long it takes.

I am 15 months post-op and I am down a total of 57 LBS. With 58 LBS to go til I reach my goal weight.

*I went from a 3x (gasp) to 1x.

If it takes me another 15 months to reach that weight, by damn I'm going to do it!