Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Costumes

I always start thinking about Halloween in August.

I am one of the rare ones that still makes costumes. My mom made costumes for me and my brother and it is something I enjoy doing for my kids.

So, I start asking the kids what they want to be for Halloween in August, I ask Hubs too. That gives me 3 months to figure out how I am going to go about making the costume.

At first Hoss said he wanted to be a spider (he knows I am terrified of the eight legged freaks). Sprout wanted to go as a bird or a dog, we were going to go with a bird dog. Then everything changed (I am not one for change).

Hoss then said he wanted to be a big, scary, black cat....Ok, I can do a black panther.

Sprout told me last week that he wanted to be a dog, a cat, a bird, a train, a monster truck and bus....HowDoI? WhereDoI???

Took them to the Halloween store to get 'ideas'. What a big help that was *sarcasm*.

I can only assume - Hoss has now started saying that he wants to be something scary, oozing with blood and guts (WHERE does he get this? We are very careful on what he can watch). So, I can only assume he is getting these ideas from school (2nd grade).

He is bound and determined to be something scary...I asked him the other day and he said 'fine, I'll be a skeleton...since there is nothing else'. I said 'nothing else? I can make you into a princess if you want'.

Anyway - I went out today and got the makings for the costumes. Hoss main part is black sweats $10 and Sprout is also a long sleeve and pants $3.50 each...I bought an extra shirt to make a hoodie for his shirt.

Hubs is going to find his own thing. He will wait til the last minute (Halloween party is Oct 16).

My costume, on the other hand, is pretty much complete. I am so excited about this costume. The main body of it, is a costume my mom made back in the 80's (I try to keep all the costumes, although there are several that got lost over the years).

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