Monday, September 13, 2010

Homemade MiracleWhip

I was in dire need for Miracle Whip and no motivation to pack up Sprout and go to the store just for that.

I googled a recipe and figured 'Hey, I have all that'.

The 1st part was easy and looked like MW, nice, thick and smooth. But the recipe also asked for: 1/2 c boiling water, 2 tsp vinegar, mustard powder and 1 1/2 TBS flour....mix - no lumps, then mix all together.

So here are the ingredients (that looked like the finished product, but according to the recipe...not).

2 egg yolks, 1 TBS powdered Sugar, 2 tsp salt and 3 TBS lemon juice. Blend til smooth. Then pour in 1 1/2c oil. I did this and it was nice and thick.....(of course, I didn't take a picture of that).

Then I had to go an add the water/flour stuff.....

Epic Fail.

*finger over mouth* I think I just threw-up a lil.

So, until I decide to 'try' this again, I will stick to the store bought.


Melody said...

Sad! Maybe they left out a step...

customdesigns4ubynan said...

hey there - I don't like MW, always go for the real thing - Hellmann's mayonaise, which isn't really mayo according to Julia Child. It's all what you grew up with yes? Like your attitude, I laughed.

AmyC ~ said...

Yeah, I prefer MW over Mayo (however, I do find myself using that from time to time).