Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dino/Monster Costume

Felt = Details.

Spots and teeth - not cut to be perfect.

I chose 2 shirts of the same size and color (4T). For Sprouts costume I needed a hoodie - I looked and looked and could not find a blank hoodie - so I had to make one!

Here is where I made my mistake (yes, I will admit to a mistake). See the shirt on the right all cut up? Rather than cutting the neck straight across I angled it (WHY?) *I used the finished seam on the bottom to be the face opening of the hoodie.

Had I not angled the cut it would fit perfect, but now if the hoodie is on the head like it should be (pulled forward), the back neck is pulled up. I will just put the hoodie on with a loose fit.

Sewing the hood together, with the 3 triangular back pieces (what are those called?)

Attaching the hood to the shirt.

Since it is not Halloween I will allow only blurry images of the semi finished costume (the tail will be pinned on).

Using fabric glue (Aleene's Fabric Fusion), I put the spots, teeth, nostrils and eyes on.

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BlenderBach said...

such a cute idea! I want an adult-sized one :)