Wednesday, April 22, 2009

- Our Vacation 2009 -

To sum it up (other wise it would be very long)...

Went to / was in my best friends wedding, Hoss too. Saw family. Went to the Beach. Lulu's Restaurant (Jimmy Buffetts lil sister) had her oh so yummy and low cal / low fat Krispy Kreme Bread Puddin., Saw the Blue Angels Practice. Went to the NAS Museum. Went to The Lil Zoo That Could (Animal Planet). Took a ride on The Biloxi Schooner, saw the sunset. Drove from Pensacola to Biloxi. Went to Keesler AFB. Hung out with friends and took pictures at cemeteries (I Love Cemeteries) and anything and everything else I saw that I wanted a picture of. It was a fun 2 weeks.