Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hubs Said it Couldn't Be Done, He said I Would 'Ruin it '

*sticks tongue out at hubs*

To recap - I got this vintage dresser from a neighbor.
It had been left out in the weather for about 2 weeks.
I bring it home, but it was too wide for the area I had planned...
what to do?

Make it into a bookcase or 2.

The drawers became a bookcase for my boys, painted to mimic steel sheets with rivets.

Pulled off all the loose stuff.
It was 19" deep (that's too deep for a bookcase), I had to cut 5" off the entire thing (this is where hubs said I would 'ruin it').
Bondoed, yes the car stuff.
Added shelves.
*grunts, power tools, grunts*

Painted the main body an off white and the inside a light olive green.

I stenciled on a few details in the olive green (contrasts).
It was pretty this way (off white/olive green), but you could really see the imperfections and it is a bit to new and bright for my taste.
*if you know anything about us at all, you will know that hubs and I love Vintage.

I used watered down, brown, acrylic paint and did a quick wash over the entire piece (minus the green inside). I brushed on the brown and really put it in all the 'problem areas' and then with a wet rag, wiped it off.

You can see the imperfections, but now it looks really old and used.

Yep, it is already in my room loaded with my books.

What is the cost of this?
Dresser = Free,
Shelves $5 (wood was cracked, I got it discounted) and
caulking $3
Bondo $9 =
...and I got 2 bookcases out of it.

I love re-purposing things.

How dare he doubt my mad skillz ;)


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I love this! I'd love to say I want to do something like that, but I'd probably work on half of it and give up. Lot's of work! Looks fab though!

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