Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Went Back

I knew it would happen.
Hubs and Hoss went back this morning, they came home with a box full of misc. car stuff. A girlfriend and I went this afternoon. She picked up a piece of enamelware and other things she found that spoke to her.
I picked up 3 plants (the same ones I was eyeballing yesterday) and 2 things that hubs asked me to get.
Honestly, I went back a 3rd time and got 2-12oz Fire King casserole dishes for $.50. They had 5 lil fridgies that I picked up, however they wanted $3 each - they were marked 1/2 off, but I just could not see me paying $7.50 for fridgies that were DBD (death by dishwasher). I also got a clear globe (looks similar to a clear Christmas ornament with 4 holes on the top) - it's for rooting plants. I picked it up for $.25 and it is already hanging in the kitchen w/ plants in it.
Yes, we plan to go back (again) tomorrow - last time I went to one of these estate sales on the last day, I ended up getting lots of things free.

My girlfriend and I went junking after and I came home with 2 old orchard casserole dishes, an oval, orange wheat casserole and a large Town and Country roast pan with lid (Pyrex, for those of ya'll who aren't in the know). ;)

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