Thursday, November 24, 2011


10+ years ago,
I collected Barbies and Beanies (like many others = sad).

7 years ago, I took many of these that weren't my favorites
and donated them to Toys for Tots.

I had the large box (shown below) -
of my favorites stowed away.

Earlier in this year -
I asked myself
WHY do I still have these?

Been waiting and waiting for this time of the year
so I can donate the rest of my collection.

What you see is not just Beanies (top 2 rows),
Under them are
Collectible Barbies.

Hubs was a lil taken aback
'you know how much money we spent on these?'

He wanted me to see if we could make a lil money back by listing them on Craigslist.

had I listed them and made money back-
that money would just go to more frivolous things.

This way,
I know, kids that wouldn't have anything
will have something now.

I have no use for them.
Hope whomever gets them...
Loves them.

*hope this isn't coming across as me tooting my own horn*

1 comment:

Angela Scott said...

I think donating them is AWESOME. Kids will love them. You are doing a great thing, even though it;s hard to let go of the things we love/collected for so long. Think of happy kid faces :)