Monday, November 21, 2011

2 in one day, aren't y'all lucky! *girlie quilt*

My grandmother made me and my cousin these quilts.
Many years later-
Hubs claims it as his own.
As you can see, it's been loved.
He says it is the perfect quilt, because it is just heavy enough.

Several girls have fallen or are about to fall off.
Using the girlie quilt as batting-
I took a bunch of hubs old band shirts,
beer shirts,
or anything that was past its expiration date -
and came up with this.

*using the front and a back to get a checker pattern*
*solid, print, solid, print*

It's not complete.

I eyeball everything and well,
apparently I eyeballed wrong. lol

I have about 8" to add on the bottom.

Hubs likes it.

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