Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Homemade vs Store Bought

What do you prefer?

I am prone to handmade...I prefer to make vs purchase.

For the past 18 years (+-), I have most often made gifts for my very best friend. I wont say that each and every one was a museum piece of art, but they were from the heart. I've made her a birthday cake, cards, drawings, I've even made her a custom Barbie.

*Back story*
Down South we have these things called Azalea Trail Maids - think Southern Belle. They (there are a couple dozen of these each year, Senior High School girls: http://www.johnstrange.com/edm310summer07/hinds/history.html.

She was one. She designed her beautiful yellow dress to mimic that of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. It was beautiful.

I made the Barbie 'Southern Belle' dress/gown to look like her Azalea Trail Dress.


She and her husband are expecting their first child, lets call her Bubbette because she refuses to tell anyone what *her* name is, and thus she doomed herself to my nickname (she knows this and we joke about it).

The nursery theme is Peter Rabbit. I looked high and low and could not find Peter Rabbit fabric in small town USA.

I found some fabric that I liked and ran it by her to be safe.

Project 1 - plush bunny.
The 1st attempt failed.
2nd attempt became a lil ball.
3rd time - It came out great. I cut back on all the detail and I love it.
Had enough fabric left over to make a burp cloth.

I did it where the seam is on the outside. It is part of the overall design.

I still have a few things up my sleeve, must get done before Christmas.

*pics to follow*

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