Friday, September 16, 2011

Stupid Easy Poached Eggs

Served with an English muffin, cheese and ham = <3

Crack egg and put in a little bowl
(it's easier this way)

Hot water (NOT boiling).
What I do, I boil the water and then turn it down to drop the temperature.
Salt and a drop of vinegar (opt).

When it's Hot (not boiling)-
stir with the handle of a wood spoon (or something similar).

You have a tornado or whirlpool.

Pour the egg into the center of the tornado.

It will spin and drop.
It will look like a complete mess, but don't fret.

Let it cook a couple to four minutes.
(depends on if you like your yolk to run)
I like mine to run.

With a slotted spoon lift the egg out
(again it wont look pretty, I'm not Martha Stewart)

Put the egg on the end piece of bread (no one eats that piece anyway)
to drain off the water.



They are a little more time consuming than frying or scrambled,
but they taste so much better!

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