Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Art Station...

For many many years now I have had all my art supplies in at least 15 different places, never were they together.

I guess about 7 years ago, my husband and I picked up a Hoosier top at a yard sale (I've always wanted a Hoosier). Since the day we acquired the Hoosier, it always was stuck in a storage unit or garage. After we bought our first home, I had come to the conclusion that I was tired of moving the Hoosier from place to place, never being able to use it. From out of the blue, I decided that If I could find a base to my top that I could turn it into a really cool art station.
The search begins...
I went from yard sale to yard sale looking for a base, keeping in mind that I would only spend, at the most, $25 on it.
My dear friend came to visit last May, she and I went to the local Goodwill and low and behold...guess what I found?! It was perfect! The right height, length, depth and it was $25!!!

We have a wall in our dining room that is just right to be the home of my art station.

It's time to marry these two pieces into one...
I started by sanding the Hoosier top and taking it back down to the original wood, I did the same for the base.
We carefully placed the Hoosier top onto the base and it was just perfect! The next days I spent painting and staining the station.
I am so happy with the way it turned out, however, I did paint dots on the inside of the Hoosier (yes, dots! Why dots!!!?); it doesn't look good and I do plan on fixing it in the future, just not now.

It is home to all my drawing and painting supplies, stained glass, beads, clay and it even houses all my photo albums.
When it is all closed up, it looks like just another piece of furniture.


earth and sun folk said...

oh i love this....you did a fantastic job!

FatCatCreations by StarvnRtist said...

thank you - I love it too!

Allison said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with me, Amy!