Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Halloween 2008

It is August and I am thinking/planning for Halloween (I Love Halloween!).

My 5y/o has decided that he wants to be in a band (they grow up so fast) - it's only appropriate that he be a guitarist (Ku-tar-ist, as he says it)....he has the old, worn out jeans and a t-shirt with guitars and flames on it. The only thing I have to make for him is a guitar (I am too cheap to go out and buy one), we have these sheets of corrugated plastic (used to be coke signs). I sketched out, what I thought his guitar should look like, using the coke sign as the decoration for the
ku-tar. I made 5 guitar bodies alike and cut the center out of 4 (I took a hole punch and made 10 holes in the top piece where the rubber bands go) - I still have to make the neck. Using rubber cement, I glued the guitar together; well, I am in the process of gluing - like I said, still have to make the neck and cut a section out of the guitar body for the neck to fit (I can see it in my head). My 5y/o wanted flames on it too, so my husband drew the flames on the inside of the center part and then I colored them in.
In all I have spent $2 on this project (glue and rubber bands), with the clothes maybe $8-$10.
Basically, this is more of an advanced pre-school/kindergarten guitar made from Kleenex box, rubber bands and paper towel roll.

My 2y/o (he will be 2 on Aug 22) is going to be a lil monster doll. I spent about a buck .40 on fabric and then am painting the eye and mouth on (made a few mistakes - got too anxious and played with it before the paint was dry - Oops! So, I have to go back and fix all those mistakes).
I will put a long sleeve shirt (similar in color to the fabric) and then black sweat pants to finish the costume.

My husband...we are playing with the idea of him being the Absinthe Fairy (Euro Trip), would not go to over the top with this, but a black Tee with Absinthe (in a chartreuse color) painted on the front - maybe wings? and I will try to talk him into a little eye makeup.

I have No clue as to what I will be?

I will post pics when I get everything finished.

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Julie said...

I can hardly wait to see the guitar!