Monday, December 1, 2008

Never leave a 2y/o alone w/ a table full of paints...

I bought a lil wooden tree for the boys to paint (something for them to bring out year to year), all was well until I turned my back on Sprout painting. A few minutes later I hear a farting sound........I look back and realized the 'farting' sound was actually a paint bottle being emptied.........Oy Vey.

We got cleaned up from this mess and I was off to do the dishes, leaving Sprout in the living room to play. 20 or so minutes later, I walk in to see that Sprout got his hands on my chap stick/lip gloss stuff.

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Julie said...

Hehehe! we're going to have to see if we can't track down the photo of Bannanarama when she decided to be a member of the blue man group, and painted her legs entirely blue!