Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My walking buddies could not make it this morning, so it was just me and Sprout.

When I got to the cemetery (Yes, we walk at the cemetery - it is beautiful, quiet and the streets are traffic free). When we got there, I had a missed call and it was my buddy telling me she could not make it and by the time, I kind of figured my other friend wouldn't be there either. I thought about just not doing it and coming back home, but all I would have done here is sulk.
Begrudgingly, I got out of my car, got the stroller and strapped Sprout in. I was determined to do at least 1.5 miles and in the end I did 3.11 miles.

It is much harder to walk those miles without the playful banter of friends to babble the miles away...but I DID IT!

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