Tuesday, January 5, 2010

6 months out

I had a Dr's appointment last Tuesday, it had been 6 weeks since my last appointment.

My nurse greeted me and asks how I was doing...my response 'how much do you want to know?' She says 'how much do you want to tell me.' So, I told her.

The first thing they do when you get there is weigh you...in 6 weeks I am down another - Wait for it...anther 1 (ONE) LB! So not cool, but at least I didn't gain.

Thankfully, my nurse told my Dr...Its a good thing because he didn't chew me out for only losing 1 LB.

On a side note - this is my last month at the gym. I tried to cancel for this month, but it was a no go...we don't have the money for me to be able to go to the gym anymore :( Having to cancel health insurance too - got a statement the other day that said our insurance was going up (it goes up every year - which I think is pretty stupid), for me and the boys it was $364 per month and it was going up to well over $400. The boys will soon be on medicare or whatever it is the state pays for.

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