Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mock Graffiti

This is the room how we have had it for 4+ years (minus all the boxes that I removed ...hubs things).

LOOK nice hardwood floors!

This room has some 'interesting' features...still don't know why some of the things are in there - Hoss will just have to live with them for now.

AFTER sanding the walls and floor.

Lots and lots of primer...

I wanted a 'clean' room...I picked out a light grey for the walls - the color they gave me looked more like an off-white, so I added a few drops/globs of black to it. The floor is also a dark grey.

The window has a few issues, so I painted around that (looks bad, but oh well). I will get to the window when I get to it.

The boys love to look at the graffiti on the trains that go by (hubs even takes his camera)...I looked threw pages of pages of graffiti art and couldn't find anything that I was willing to attempt (being that this is my first)...everything was detailed or not appropriate for a 7y/o room (IMO). I took my sons first name (Yes, folks that IS his REAL name and WE LOVE IT!) Then to keep it 'light' I added bubbles.

Near the finish line ... tweaking here and there ... outlined his name in black paint.

Hubs says the runs look more realistic to I added more, putting a lot of paint in areas and letting it do its thing.

So, this is my first attempt at mock graffiti and I LOVE IT!

*this was a big milestone for me...I haven't been 'creative/artistic' since ma's death in Oct '09 (she and I had that in common - we are both creative people...if she was stonewalled she could ask me for help or ideas and I could run ideas off her as well)...I haven't painted and I haven't really been the camera whore (hubs words---I like to take a BUNCH of pictures - Thank God for the digital camera!) So, this is me re-entering the world of creativity!

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Bubba said...

Oh girl...that is AWESOME!! I didn't realize it was that big until the pic with Coyote standing in it! I especially love that you are feeling creative again. :)