Saturday, December 10, 2011

I have a kitchen island!

It took us 5 years of living without
to realize what we need.

I have always wanted a kitchen island, but
always thought our kitchen was too small
(+- a few inches)

Several weeks ago
while out junking...
I saw a hideaway sewing table.

Right then and there
it clicked!

Tiny kitchen = Tiny island.

I connected the legs w/ 2x4's
then slats to make a shelf.

Painted it an off white -
then aged it w/ a grey/green
(dry brushing)

I put pennies on the top
(per Pinterest)
*about $8 in pennies for the top, couldn't buy tile to cover the top for that cheap*

Now, I just need to buy the 2 part epoxy to clear coat the top.

Thought about doing grout, but hubs and my fear is that the grout would
cover all the details to the pennies.

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