Monday, May 21, 2012

My First Experience

Playing t ball on my older brothers team (I was about 4 or 5). 
I was in the outfield and I looked to my left and saw my ma leaning against the car watching us. 
*time passes* 
I look back over at her and she was gone! 
I assume I freaked (I really don't recall), but I know I wasn't happy about her not being there. 
Then I saw my great grandaddy walking towards me (he was in white had a 'glow' about him and he was dead and been dead a while) *dont ask me how I knew, but I just knew it was him*. 
 He walks towards me and I feel calm. 
Then I turned and see the ball rolling towards me and thru my legs - I look up and I see my coach screaming at me. 
I look back over to grandaddy and he was gone.

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