Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Butterfly Kisses

*This happened back in June*

If you read my blog, you've seen my 'new' ink. 
I love it!

IF you don't have a tattoo and you ask someone what they feel like, they might tell you - 
'like a bad sunburn'. 

It's true. 
They do feel like a really bad sunburn. 

*IF you read my blog YOU know that I believe in ghosts 
(always have)

*IF YOU read my blog YOU will know that I have had a few 'reunions' w/ my ma 
(who passed going on 3 years Oct 23).

Ok - it had been sometime since I had a 'reunion' w/ ma. 

The first full night of my new ink.
My arm was burning!  
My arm was hanging over the side of the bed 
(something I don't usually do - I mean, what if a monster grabbed it!?!)

It was hanging off to keep it cool.  
It. Was. HOT!

I was woken up to two 
(it could have been 3, but I do recall the 2)
Cool, Light feathery touches
(feathery - like if you took a feather and lightly pulled it across the skin w/ it)
I knew it was ma.
Her touching my new ink
(she wasn't ever against it, but I don't believe she approved either)
I see her as touching it and thinking 
'oh, Amy...what have you done?'

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