Monday, April 21, 2014

I have the opportunity to...

show my work at a local spinning/yoga studio.
A friend told me to contact a studio owner. 
She said he was looking to display local artists, said his studio is more like a gallery than 'gym'. 
I contacted him last Wed and on Friday I met with him and willingly left 3 pieces there, with promises to bring more.
When I met with him on Friday, he told me of his visions of having a show (if he can get enough art (all styles)) to showcase. He even called my work 'quality'.  !!!

Today (with hubs help)...

He told us that 1 of the higher ups at Starbucks is a client of his.
'Mothership' aka Starbucks is far left on last pic.

Ordered business cards today (cross your fingers they turn out alright).
So, this is happening...


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