Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Animals can be ghosts too...

It's been 1 year and 6 months since we have lived here.
It's been 18 months of, what is that?
It's been 547.863 days of happenings...
not daily, but happenings nonetheless.

Most recently was yesterday. 
I attempted to take a nap in our bedroom. 
(It didn't happen, not because of this)
The cats are blocked off in another part of the house. 
I shut all the bedroom doors. 
I'm in bed. 
I feel, what feels like, a cat walking on the bed...
and walking further towards the pillows.
From the feet to the head. 

I know there is nothing there, because times before - 
before when this would happen, I'd look.
There is never anything there. 
Nothing that I can see. 

I mentioned this to hubs last night. 
He says 'it's funny you say that because...
'last week when you were in here and I was in there, it felt like something sat down on the bed'.

Today, I again, attempt to nap. 
Again, today, something walks on the bed (but this time it didn't go from foot to head, but more knee to head). 

I relayed this to hubs, and said 'it feels like a cat'.
*some random ghost kitty comment*

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