Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Story of Us

We have never been a traditional couple.

We met in April 1996 via AOL IM - he sent me and IM asking what my name meant: ShushuKoju =defend first attack second (I do martial arts). I honestly thought he was a jerk when we first were talking. There were several times when he would ask for us to meet (we lived only 20 min away from each other in the same town), but I always came up with excuses on why I couldn't meet up with him. There was one time that I actually tried to meet up, but couldn't find his place.

Dec 1997 we finally met! We went to the mall to go Christmas shopping for his girlfriend. That was a fun night. Everyone we ran into thought we were a couple and did not believe us when we said 'We are just friends, we actually just met'.

Feb 1998 we started dating...3 months later he proposed and 11 months later we drove to Gatlinburg, TN to get hitched. Yes, we eloped (I said, we aren't traditional).

Tomorrow Jan 2 is our 10 year anniversary, we do not have anything exciting planned, but we do plan on doing something neither of us has ever done...

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to us! It has been 10 years of Fun, Laughs and Tears (more laughs than tears). Here's to another 10 years and then some.

I love ya Honey!



PennilessCaucasianRubbish said...

'tis a sweet story.... I had no idea that it took ya'll over a YEAR to actually meet up taht first time... Wow! Good though I guess 'cause it gave you time to be good friends first. Anyway, Congrats again.


StarvnRtist said...

thx :)