Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Something we have never done ~ Tattoos!

Yes, that is how we celebrated our 10 year anniversary by each getting a tattoo! We came up with a design we both liked - Balance (we balance each other) and travel (we love to travel).

Hubby did it first to test the water out and then I did it. He says it Hurt, but not that bad - I say HOLY CRAP that HURT!

Hoss told us the following day 'you can wash that off now'.


PennilessCaucasianRubbish said...

Very Sweet... Maybe Josh and me will do this for our 20th... It'll take that long for me to get the COURAGE to do it after seeing the 'hurt look' in that pic where you're getting your's... ;o)

Congrats on TEN years!
Big Hugs

StarvnRtist said...

thx Penni....I am rethinking that poppy one - do I really want a $1000 FREE tat?????? Do i really want pics all over me??? can i handle 5 hrs in a chair????
have a shot or 2 before yours.....you only have a few yrs to think about it.