Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hi, my name is Amy and I - I am addicted.

All my girlfriends where all about Twilight in the beginning....I have a friend that even traveled to Forks, Wa , then went to L.A. for the movie premiere and ended up in Entertainment Weekly - she is in a picture with Edward (sigh).

I was dead set on Not watching or reading it...I thought it was silly. Then last week, I watched the movie and within the first 5 minutes, I new I HAD to have the books! A couple days later I got the first 2 books (and read Midnight Sun ~ I really hope that she finishes it). This weekend I got #3 and then this morning I sent my dear hubby to the store to get #4 (better not come home without it). Ok, so - he couldn't 'find' it (or so he says). I am off to go get it when he gets home from work - Spent more on this book than I did all the others....oh well, I HAD to have it! Still reading it tho......
*Finally, going with my girlfriends tonight to see it at the theater.

It's like a own personal brand of heroin (Edward Cullen to Bella Swan).
So, it has come to The End and I have to say that I enjoyed 4 the most. Thank You Bella, Edward (sigh), Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Rose, Emmett, Jacob and all the other Forks folks for the past 2 weeks.
BTW - I enjoyed the movie, much more on the BIG screen than it was on my lil computer screen; just seeing Edward like that makes me swoon.

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