Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Out of necessity...

1 old sweater

trace my sons hand

sew over the line

cut out

BAM! Mittens!!!
I got tired of spending money on new gloves because my son forgets/misplaces his. So, taking an old sweater I was going to throw out anyway - I made mittens.
I made my 3y/o some too, his actually turned out better than my 7y/os and I made his first. They are not perfect, but for a first time they look pretty darn good and will serve the purpose of keeping the cold off.


courtney said...

I think they look awesome! :) Cozy warm too...

PennilessCaucasianRubbish said...

SWEET way to Upcycle!! I bet you could make some from 'found' sweaters (from garage sales for a quarter or whatever) and make 'em to sell on Etsy... Worth a shot. That one Thrift Store downstairs from that church has a free basket too and I bet you could glean sweaters from there for this... Great idea!