Friday, March 25, 2011

I refuse to go, I refuse to go...I went.

It's my nature to be stubborn.
When I got sick, I figured it's just a cold or flu.
I refuse to go to the doctor and spend the $$ just to be told I would have to 'wait it out'.

Wednesday night face started hurting, wth?
Yesterday morning it was worse.
So, like any modern day person...I googled symptoms.
Of all the things I read up on - it seemed to me more like a sinus infection.

(getting to the point already)
I went to the doctor.
I said 'I think I have a sinus infection'.
The doctor (WHY do I always get the really cute doctors when I go to Immediate Care?) Not complaining, but I am never looking my best (not that it matters, I am happily married w/ children - I can look, though).
He said it sounded more like Walking Pneumonia + facial pain (sinuses - this hurts like a mutha effa) and water in my ears (why I've been dizzy).

Hubs was joking last night that he was gunna 'take me for a walk', like Old Yeller.

I got a BIG arse shot (antibiotics to kill any and everything) + pills (more antibiotics).

My face hurts (not as bad as yesterday).
Here's to feeling better.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh. I'm sick too. But I'm calling it a head cold. Still refusing to go! My mom's been giving me the third degree about getting addicted to nose spray :/ If I'm not better by Friday I guess I'll go. But I wont be happy about it!