Friday, October 28, 2011

Dinosaur Iron Man Skeleton

Iron Man

Last year Hoss was a bloody skeleton. Sprout was a dinosaur (if you scroll thru Oct '10 posts you can see them).

Sprout was determined to 'copy' big brother and be a skeleton this year. Then he said he wanted to be a ghost skeleton. I told him ghosts don't have bones. He said 'dinosaurs do'. Thus the birth of the dino skeleton, then he figured he would add to that and be a dinosaur iron man skeleton.

A hoodie. White felt and fabric glue = BAM! Costume.
I used blue glitter glue to add just a little something more to the bones. I sewed the skull, back bones and tail to the hoodie (you can easily just glue it all down).

Sorry the pics aren't all that, I took w/ my phone.

1 comment:

Angela Scott said...

Looks great. I didn't realize you MADE it. I thought you bought it and was going to ask where.

What cute kid. Hope he had fun.

Well, consider yourself stalked.I'll be back around.