Saturday, January 7, 2012

'51 vs '54 pickup

Let me just say - I've wanted a '53 chevy since forever. I wanted one when I was in middle school (that was waaay before Twilight was conceived).

Hubs has known my love for the pickup since we first started dating, he would point some out and my reply would be 'not round enough'.

He came home yesterday and made a call. Today we went to look.

Pros to the '51-
I love the patina. Rust down to turquoise.
Has the motor.
Split window.
Doors close nice.
Hood closes nice.

Cons to the '51
shut the door and it 'rains' rust.
holes, lots of holes.
hubs doesn't like the front grill.

Pros to the '54
corner window (Always loved those)
less body work
curvy front

Cons to the '54
it was a 1 year only model
I hate the color
no motor

we bought a truck. he has his 'toy' and now I have mine. the only problem - now I *HAVE* to learn how to work on it. I told him 'buy me a truck and then I will learn, until then....'. I guess I didnt think that thru enough.
It's HERE!
Now, I have 1 question...

WHERE do we start?

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