Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras - Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday Y'all! Altho, here in Idaho, it's just another Tuesday :P

I have to be honest with y'all. I'm born and raised down south and I haven't really ever had a king cake *gasp*

*you know how it is - IF you are surrounded by__________ you don't eat/do/ whatever. when you aren't around it anymore you WANT ____________*

I had it once, but it had blueberry crap on the inside and I did not like it. Thus, I haven't really had one.

I figure it's time to try my hand at it. Bring a lil of Mardi Gras to the high desert.

I might want to bring it to Idaho, but that doesn't mean I want to make it from scratch.

I started w/:
8oz brick of cream cheese.
1 can pizza crust
powder sugar
a lil vanilla
1can whipped cream cheese frosting.

I unrolled the pizza crust (room temp)
mixed the cream cheese (room temp) and powder sugar, vanilla and cinnamon (all to taste).
spread the cream cheese mix onto the crust
rolled it up (long)
shaped it into a 'ring'
baked off per directions.
*I have pics of all steps, if interested*

let cool.

3 bowls + green, yellow and red/blue (purple) food color
mixed the colors to get Mardi Gras

***since I only have the blueberry crap to compare it to-
It wasn't bad.
The cream cheese melted into the 'bread'.
I like it.
The boys liked it.

*IF I make it again, I will make homemade glaze (powder sugar, milk & vanilla)*

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