Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Last Minute Makeup

Had a Halloween Harvest Festival to take the boys to, but I didn't want to use my costume for this year. 
I took the wire crown I made.
DreadFalls from a couple years ago...
I don't know what I was? 
A Clown?
Goth Clown?
I don't know.

Water down liquid liner in my palm using a makeup brush (cheap one).
Lined the lower lids -
adding more water in the spots where I wanted it to run.

It was reading Dark and Moody and since the event was a kids thing, I wanted it to be more playful.

I went back over the runs w/ purple eyeshadow and then went ahead and did the rest of the makeup. 

Still not *playful* enough...
I took Elmer's Glue and painted on over the runs and lower part of the lid.
Then using a Qtip, I dipped that into PINK Glitter and put on the glued spots.
I did the same technique to my upper lid, but with -
White eyeshadow and White glitter.

It was so much fun! 
I didn't want to take it off.

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