Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What do you smell like?

Perfume in your shampoo
Perfume in your conditioner
Perfume in your soap/body wash
Perfume in your body lotion
Perfume in your hand lotion
Perfume in your hair products
Body mist/spray
Baby powder/oil/spit up
walking by a Perfume assassin at the mall/department store OR
lil old ladies that walk by you that have the MOST awful/smelly perfume on

might I add that they usually are all different. I have been thinking about this a lot and since tried to buy all non scent stuff, minus body mist/spray.

What do you smell like at the end of the day?


Nebulamystic, Designer Alter-Ego said...

I can honestly say I smell like the soap I am making with a hint of coffee...hmmmm I think I am messy LOL. Interesting blog..I like it very much!

StarvnRtist, what I am. said...

Mmm coffee! thank you.