Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm a STAR! lol, not really.

On a completely different note -

Summer of 2004 there was a movie being filmed in Mobile/Fairhope, AL. My husband and I were called to be extra's. The movie was being filmed under The Novice, it has Alan Arkin (Little Mrs. Sunshine), Jacob Pitts (Eurotrip/21), Amy Acker (Angel), Orsen Bean (Dr. Quinn Med Woman), etc...

I was in the beach part with a crowd of people walking around. It was a rather hot day and of course, I got a nasty sunburn (so, if you watch the movie and see a lobster walking around - that's me!) - I had fun, this is something I had never done before.

My husband was an extra in the soup kitchen. He had so much fun.

Over the past 4 years we have been searching and searching for The Novice....last night he said 'I found *our* movie' <~ like how we take possession of it?! lol The name has been changed, as it usually is, to Crossroads. I found a link and it looked good. Heck, even if it sucks we still want to own the dvd. What does it mean when a movie was filmed and goes straight to Showtime?

The life of a young Jesuit seminarian is turned upside down when he falls in love with a young woman while working as a volunteer at a soup kitchen.

So, if any of ya'll have Showtime (Showtime Too), the movie is being shown 5 times in October.

BTW - I will have to see if I can find my pics from that day.


momma courtney said...

The link you left on the momma page led me to a slasher/horror pic! This is TOTALLY different than what I thought you were in! Too funny.

StarvnRtist, what I am. said...

Yea - I tried to use the link a few days after I posted it and it did the same thing, have to search drama/Crossroads.

StarvnRtist, what I am. said...

Update - Crossroads come out on DVD Dec 9.
We are buying it even if it sucks. lol

StarvnRtist, what I am. said...

comes out (oops)